Low-Code Efficiency for Custom Code Development

We streamline the entire process of

designing, testing, and coding software while

using business-friendly language and

knowledge capture.

A hyper-productivity tool designed specifically for data-intensive industries.

Targets development-intensive technology projects that cannot be addressed by low-code platforms, BPM tools, rules engines and enterprise integration products.

We focus on the growth of your business.

Maintain Institutional Knowledge

Mitigate key person risk.

Simplify collaboration and remote working.

Ideas to Market Faster

From a thought to a working tested solution in one step.

Supercharge your agile.

Up to 50% savings

Get more done with less effort.

Maximize team productivity.

Reduced Outages

Peace of mind.

Low stress Mondays - it works the first time.

Define the data

Import sample data

Describe it with business terms

Create and test logic in real time

Use simple building blocks

Capture knowledge with natural language

Improve quality with real-time testing

Streamline code

One button to create code

Deploy to cloud, legacy, or any other environment

Your Benefits


Go from an idea to implemented technology in hours. Be bold in making meaningful changes. The deep integration of disciplines between business and IT enables unparalleled speed in complex environments.


We integrate all that’s required to document, build, test, and create working business logic into one tool. No more inefficient handoffs. No arrows pointing from one team to another. Because we capture knowledge with the logic and code, everyone knows what it does and why.


Make meaningful cost reductions. Eliminating inefficiencies and empowering all areas of the business to work together saves both time and money. Get more done with less.


All teams work from the same canvas. Business meaning is pervasive throughout the system – all knowledge is captured. IT and quality control all have access to the “what” and “why” behind the technology. Your business can always understand what the logic does.

Start Growing Today